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Become an ERIE Intern

Erie Insurance is committed to helping students learn and grow through our Future Focus Internship Program, which offers challenging opportunities for students to gain relevant and real-world business experience at a Fortune 500 company.

Our internships are paid, competitive and available in many disciplines. The majority of our internship opportunities are located at our headquarters in Erie, but there may be some claims and sales internship opportunities available in our field offices.

Internship opportunities may be offered in these business areas:

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About the Internship

The internship includes orientation to the company and the insurance industry through:

There are also social and networking events and recreational activities that will round out your experience in Erie.

Relocation assistance is available to those who qualify.

ERIE Internships: Endless Possibilities

Paid. Competitive. Diverse. The opportunities for internships at Erie Insurance grow year after year. Find out more about the opportunities interns are offered through ERIE's competitive program.
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ERIE has provided me with responsibilities and challenges to keep me thinking, developing and expanding my knowledge.

I came to ERIE with a limited background in insurance, but the career development and underwriting trainee programs helped me learn and feel more successful in my position. This experience and the relationships I have developed at ERIE will have a great impact on my career.


Applying for an Internship

Ready to apply? Keep in mind that:

A general internship application is available during our fall recruiting period from August through December. You may also apply to specific internship postings throughout the year.

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Erie Insurance is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you have a disability and need a reasonable accommodation in order to complete an application, or any other component of the application process, please call (814) 870-7582.

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